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Building a Better World with Advanced Software Innovation


Our Companies

At Urtek Holdings we are passionate about software technology and innovation. Our portfolio of companies offer pioneering solutions that meet some of the most complex environmental, human and security challenges of our time.

Our expert teams work closely with global government departments, commercial organisations and world leading R&D institutions to develop next generation incident modelling and simulation platforms for CBRN Defence, Environmental Protection, Population Health Monitoring, Urban Security, Cyber Security and Space Situational Awareness. 

Our Markets

Our Markets


Defence and Security

We work closely with the UK MoD, US DoD and commercial organisations in the defence and security sector.

We deliver actionable intelligence through our incident modelling products, counter-UAS solutions and expert software services for CBRNE Defence, Space Defence and Port and Border Security.


Cyber Security

Governments, businesses, critical national infrastructure, and defence missions face persistent and evolving challenges in cyber security and the need for increasingly resilient systems.


We’ve combined our advanced modelling expertise and knowledge of the defence sector to create niche products for robust cyber threat awareness, network resilience and mitigation planning.



We work with marine oil spill response organisations, government and environmental charities, offering advanced oil spill and atmospheric modelling support, scientific studies and data visualisation systems for marine protection, environmental threat mitigation and river water health quality monitoring.


Health and Wellbeing

We’ve leveraged our advanced mathematical software capabilities to provide critical biosurveillance support to the UK government, and to assist on leading R&D projects to harness the power of wearable technologies for sports, personal fitness and medical and health monitoring products.

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Emerging Technologies

We’re committed to uncovering new innovative technologies that serve the above markets and that aim to save lives, protect people, assets and economies. We have a successful history working on cutting-edge, scientific R&D projects and developing new technological solutions for emerging and evolving challenges, and we continue to make this a key part of our Innovation Strategy.

Latest News

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions awarded funding for novel AI research in UAS behavioural threat analysis

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions is pleased to announce the opportunity to explore novel Machine Learning techniques for CUAS threat detection. The project will result in a concept demonstration of a self-learning sensor cluster capable of identifying hostile drone behavior amidst benign activities, enhancing the protection of sensitive sites.

Riskaware trials cyber-attack prediction capability at Locked Shields 2024

In April, Riskaware participated in Locked Shields 2024, an event organised by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). This is the world's largest and most advanced live-fire cyber defence exercise, bringing together 4000 experts of different disciplines from 40 nations to collectively tackle cyber threats aimed at critical infrastructure. 

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions joins Esri Startup Program

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions is delighted to be selected to join the Esri Partner Network as a Startup partner. This offers access to Esri's transformative technology, as well as training and support resources, and the opportunity to participate in Esri's events and conferences.

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