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Our Vision

Our Vision

Urtek Holdings is the parent company to Riskaware Limited, Level Studio Limited and Dynamic Intelligence Solutions Limited. The company was established in 2002 with a vision to develop cutting-edge technology businesses that focus on solving global defence, security and environmental challenges.


Our mission is to develop technologies that help make the world a better and safer place for all by supporting Governments and commercial organisations with the same goal. 

The management team includes Dr John Bishop, Dr Robert Gordon and Dr Martyn Bull, each having multiple decades of C-Level management experience within the defence and security technology sector. Together they have founded, built and managed a number of successful technology businesses demonstrating the strength of a partnership that has lasted the duration of their 20+ year venture and beyond. 

Management Team

Management Team

Dr Robert Gordon


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Co-founder, Chairman and CCO of Riskaware, CEO of Dynamic Intelligence Solutions and Director of Urtek Holdings.

Robert is an expert in driving corporate direction, diversification and commercial development strategy. Robert has 25+ years' experience working with leaders of global government departments and commercial organisations, as well as a background in designing and implementing software solutions for scientific applications. 

Dr Martyn Bull


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Co-founder and CTO of Riskaware, and Director of Dynamic Intelligence Solutions and Urtek Holdings.

Martyn is an expert in guiding technical direction and harnessing emerging technologies for large-scale challenges and smaller, more niche application. Martyn is passionate about innovation, with a breadth of technical knowledge, from data visualisation tools through to advanced mathematical software technologies and 25+ years' experience applying them to create real-world solutions. 

Dr John Bishop


CEO of Riskaware and Director of Urtek Holdings. 

John has over 30 years' experience in the software industry, including over 20 in an Operations Management and Operations Director role. Since joining Urtek Holdings in 2005, John has taken on the role of Managing Director, providing operational and financial oversight and guidance across the Urtek Group. John has generated steady and prolonged growth whilst enabling significant investment in R&D product development, which is expected to drive rapid growth in the coming years.

Latest News

OSL Wins £13M Funding for Project HADO®

Dynamic Intelligence Solutions are pleased to be involved in Project HADO® with Operational Solutions Ltd. to dramatically accelerate the commercial adoption of autonomous drones in high intensity environments across the UK. 

The Challenges of Developing Machine Learning and Statistical Models

Machine Learning (ML) and statistical models enable a wealth of benefits. However, we must be mindful of the inherent challenges involved in developing and producing these models and the risk of introducing unwanted biases. 

How are we Realising the Full Advantages of Wearable Capabilities?

Wearable technology has evolved to become more prominent and accessible than ever before, and with a global market size estimated to have reached $47.89 billion in 2021, how can individuals, organisations and governments realise the full potential of wearable tech capabilities?

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